How can I help?

I have skills. I can help you with domain registration, dot com, dot net, dot org and all the others. It will cost you around €35 a year. Peanuts.

I am nearly a WordPress expert with many installations under way. Happy to help a startup with their online presence. It’s not difficult and you can dip your foot in the water by creating a site.  I have a section on zoom here that I use for training, again it’s not difficult. We have the online tools to manage our online presence quite easily. If you have money I am happy to consult at €15 per hour. You can get a lot done in an hour.

Me: Well been involved with computers since 1981; B.Sc (Hons) in Psychology / Computing. Put up my first website in 1998 and my last one yesterday. this one.  I have my Microsoft certs in Excel and Powerpoint. I have made 538 videos and one of my favs has had 11k views. I publish books (out of print) and research papers online (A hobby of mine is Deep Learning), 90 so far.

The Irish Government has an initiative to encourage digital literacy in its citizens.  I just finished a course to review what was being taught and helped teach it. So I am up to date. Got me a cert for that too:

Go to:  or just contact me

If you need to pay me for hosting, web work, registration of domains etc you can do so here by clicking on the “Donate” button. I have a not-for-profit mentality but things like domains and hosting have to be paid for. 🙂

We have a chat facility below which you can try – I will get the messages you leave. You can email me too


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